old school beers at the duce
Old School Beers

…From the Rust Belt…

Schlitz 1886
“the beer that made Milwaukee famous”
Pabst Blue Ribbon 1882
“what’ll ya have?”
Old Style 1902
“Pure brewed in God’s country”
Hamm’s 1865
“from the land of sky blue waters”
Old Milwaukee 1890
“it tastes as good as it’s name”
Miller High Life 1903
” the champagne of beers”
Budweiser 1857
“when you’ve said bud..you’ve said it all”
Coors Banquet1873
“taste the high country”
Craft Beers
Rotates Seasonal
Beer in the bucket
Get 5 cold brews in a bucket

Original Schlamms

the original schlamm
schilitz & hamm’s on ice served in 32ou jar with organic lemons
chi-town schlamm
old style on ice served in 32ou jar with a shot of prairie organic vodka & homemade lemonade
bloody schlamm hamms
on ice in 32ou jar with local bloody mary mix, organic lemons and limes
grapefruit schlamm
leinenkugel grapefruit shandy on ice served with prairie organic vodka & fresh squeezed organic grapefruit juice

Duce Draft Picks


papago orange blossom
A light American Wheat Ale flavored with Mandarin Orange and Vanilla. Like a liquid old fashioned creamsicle
santan epicenter amber ale