Frequently Asked Questions

Where the heck are you?

Where Lincoln meets central in Phoenix’s warehouse district.

Where the heck do I park?

Complementary Valet
Weekdays starting at 5p
Saturdays at 1p
Sundays at 10a

How the heck do I make reservations?

Reservations of 10+, Email us at

Can I bring cakes or cupcakes? It’s my cousins birthday!

Heck no. Apparently, you haven’t had our sweets yet. We can make your birthday cakes and cupcakes for ya’

Any age restrictions?

We’re a family-friendly environment and seniors are welcome as long as they can dance. After 9p, make sure the kids are with Mom & Dad.

I want to plan a bash, who do I talk to?

Email us at Our events team will cater to all your party-planning needs.